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Apartments for Rent in Port Harcourt

With its status as one of the most-developed cities in the Southern region of Nigeria, Port Harcourt boasts a multiplicity of housing options for prospective apartment hunters and real estate developers. Apartments for rent in Port Harcourt have become particularly popular, offering flexibility and financial security to tenants and a steady stream of income for landlords.

A former route for coal from the East, the Rivers State capital has been transformed into a commercial and residential hub after oil was discovered within its borders in 1956. Over the years, this up-and-coming area has developed satisfactory infrastructure, and the Garden City, as it is fondly called, is home to diverse economic activities such as commerce, tourism and residential investments.

Having been named the World Book Capital for 2014, Port Harcourt is also home to Carniriv (Carnival Rivers), Oil companies, and the Garden City Literary Festival which draw participants from around the world.  Prospective residents can also look forward to hotspots like the Silverbird Cinema, Spar Retail Mall, and an array of night clubs around the city.

Apartments for Rent in Port Harcourt are Becoming Nigeria’s Finest Real Estate

With the rolling out of the master plan for Greater Port Harcourt City (GPHC) in 2009, the City has seen an unprecedented increase in its residential options. The City already features a steady supply of well-finished residential options, but the new structures erected in recent years, have seen the number and quality of properties such as apartments for rent, increase significantly.

Apartment for Rent in Port Harcourt

Strategically located between the city’s seaport and airport, the yet-to-be-completed GPHC will comprise luxury apartments, warehousing options, business districts, educational hubs and retail options spread across nine local governments.

These constantly changing dynamics demand favour financial flexibility, meaning that those looking for apartments for rent in Port Harcourt avoid making a large financial investment, and can adapt to this constantly changing city.

Port Harcourt has a supply of housing options spread across the urban areas of the city. These well-finished structures are home to the city’s population composed of indigenes and foreigners.  A two-bedroom flat in the Rumuodara area can be rented for N400,000 per annum while a three-bedroom apartment for rent in Eliada Estate of Rumuogba can be let for N3m per annum.

Flats are replete with the necessary facilities while movement within and outside the city is provided for by a well-maintained arterial network of roads that will soon be joined by a light rail system. This addition to the public transport system will allow Port Harcourt to be recognised as one of Nigeria's great locations's alongside Lekki, Ajah and Victoria Island.

Adequate security is another plus as the city is home to a handful of armed forces settlements while Port Harcourt’s supply of foreign and indigenous hotel brands are also ideal weekend getaways for intending house hunters.

Happy House hunting in the Garden City!

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