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The Pacesetter State Driving Real Estate Investment

Land for Sale in Oyo

Home to a sizeable population, Oyo State’s emergence as an economic hub continues to ensure a steady stream of real estate investment to a south-western location that was once the largest city in the West African sub region.

Land has traditionally been a status symbol, right from the period when it was home to the first TV station in Africa, and the first Nigerian University, in Ibadan which is Oyo’s capital city. This fact, coupled with Oyo’s swelling population growth, has ensured a steady stream of high quality land for sale in the region. Especially Ibadan has seen a noticeable increase of the number of plots being bought and sold, likening it in many ways to other premium areas such as lands for sale in Lekki and lands for sale in Ajah. Lands for sale in Oyo will also make a wise real estate investment to make.

Other landmarks in the state, which lies North of Lagos, are Mapo Hall, the Ibadan Airport, Old Oyo National Park, the Ibadan Zoo and Lekan Salami Stadium. In the Ibadan area, the largest areas of metropolitan land are restricted to locations such as Ring Road, Oluyole and Dugbe, with the Ring Road and Dugbe areas being home to branches of Shoprite stores.

With the congestion in Oyo’s capital city of Ibadan, the wave of development has shifted, with other local governments such as Oyo, Oke Ogun and Ogbomoso becoming viable options for prospective land hunters.

Plots for Sale in Oyo

Getting a Feeling for the Lay of the Land in Oyo

Founded in the 17th century, Ogbomoso is one of the largest land masses in Nigeria and part of the landscape is used for farming purposes, particularly the growth of yams, maize, tobacco and cassava. Ogbomosho also comes with a sizeable student population due to the presence of the Ladoke Akintola University within its borders.

In Ogbomoso acres of farmland are available for ₦ 50,000, while Ibadan has two and a half acres of land for sale measuring 8100sqm for a cost of ₦ 800,000,000.  

Both Oyo and Ogbomoso area close to the major cities of Ibadan and Ilorin via the Oyo-Ilorin Road Central which is the major route for motorists.  The dualized expressway leads to the North city of Ilorin which boasts an airport and retail outlets that are also peculiar to the Ibadan end of the expressway. With the improvement and extension of the local infrastructure, the land for sale in Oyo now offers even more advantages for those looking to develop commercial real estate!

Security in Oyo and Ogbomoso is provided by state-owned Operation Burst and various private companies. Complemented by a major route and conducive climate, land in Oyo and Ogbomoso are viable options for those keen on settling in the Oyo area.

Happy hunting! 

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