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Houses for Sale in Ibadan Nigeria

Oyo’s Best Properties are Houses for Sale in Ibadan

As the third largest metropolitan area in Nigeria, Ibadan’s status as a residential hub for people of all backgrounds has been on the rise, catalysing the demand for houses for sale in Ibadan. This even dates back to before it was home to the first private television station in West Africa in 1959, and the first Nigerian University in 1962, the University of Ibadan.

A south-western city that is also renowned for its verdant scenes and a population of around four million inhabitants, the diversity and availability of property for sale in Ibadan has seen it accommodate retail, cultural, as well as residential structures over the years.

Property as a key investment and status symbol is synonymous with the city’s culture, and much of its eleven local government areas such as Ibadan North; Ibadan North West; Ibadan North East; Ibadan South East and Ibadan Central also boast an array of architectural structures that capture the altering tastes of residents who have made Ibadan a home, having found the perfect houses for sale in Oyo state for them for them here.

Properties in Ibadan

Perfect Houses for Students, Employees and Employers in Ibadan

A well-developed city, Ibadan has an airport, zoo, and recreational hotspots like the Amusement Park in Mapo Hall, Film house Cinema and two Palms Malls within the metropolitan area. The Heritage Mall in Ring Road is reportedly the largest in West Africa but there are also a host of clubs like KOKO Dome that offer weekend leisure activities for residents. These fantastic opportunities are definitely worth considering when thinking about houses for sale in Ibadan.

Properties in Ibadan

Split into urban and semi-urban areas, vast portions of metropolitan Ibadan are located in Ibadan North Local government which is home to Old and New Bodija while other well-developed locations like Ring Road and the Oluyole axis are prime locations for house hunters due to its proximity to other locations within the city and the array of well-finished housing options.

These include terraced flats, detached, semi-detached and other smaller housing structures with modern utilities. In the Akobo GRA area of Ibadan, a four-bedroom duplex goes for around N65m. But there are lower-priced choices in the Apata area with three-bedroom houses going for around N15m, making it one of the cheapest areas for a house for sale in Ibadan.

Intending residents can shop at the Heritage and Cocoa House Malls which have retail brands such as Mr Price and Shoprite, and is only rivalled by the shopping opportunities in Lekki, Ikorodu and Ajah. Ibadan’s arterial network of roads also aid movement while security is provided by the state-owned Operation Burst.

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