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Houses for Rent in Ibadan

The Houses for Rent in Ibadan Have Reached the Highest Quality

Formerly the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s top three metropolitan areas in terms of its population numbers. The Oyo State Capital has also been synonymous with a number of innovations that have made its serene landscape popular among real estate investors and residents. Consequently, the demand for a house for rent in Ibadan, has risen exponentially.

With a population of around 4 million, Ibadan’s residential supply has grown to accommodate the rising numbers in a city that also has a rich history. Ibadan is home to the first TV station in West Africa, the first Nigerian University and a political capital of the defunct Western Region.

The Oyo state capital is currently split into urban and semi-urban areas with housing units in its 11 local government areas utilized for residential, tourist and commercial activities. These well-finished structures are diverse with duplexes, detached and semi-detached structures.

Old landmarks in the city are its airport, zoo and stadia (Lekan Salami and Adamasingba). There is also the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Mapo Hall, the University of Ibadan and the Ibadan Polytechnic. Beyond the old and renovated architecture, Ibadan is witnessing an industrial resurgence.

House for Rent in Ibadan

Understanding the Benefits of a House for Rent in Ibadan

This is visible in Ibadan being home to a new set of firsts such as the largest Shoprite mall in West Africa and a developing dairy industry. Its suitability for business has also ensured it has the British American Tobacco’s HQ within its landscape. This has partly resulted in houses for rent in Ibadan, gaining the same sort of prestige that houses in Lekki, Victoria Island and Surulere have enjoyed in recent times.

Popular urban locations are Old and New Bodija. In Ibadan North, Ring Road and Oluyole are also popular locations for prospective house hunters. Besides the rich choice of residential and social outlets, there is accessibility to various locations within the state capital due to its arterial network of roads. Akobo and Apata areas of Ibadan are also popular due to the development that has added two cinemas and other recreational outlets to the state’s capital. These recreational factors are worth keeping in mind when looking for the perfect houses for rent in Ibadan.

Four units of a four bedroom duplex in the Jericho-idishin area of the city before Foodco go for a yearly rent of 6,000,000. There are lower options in the Agbowo Express-way area with 7 rooms of self-contained going for a yearly rent of N90,000 yearly.

With the Ibadan landscape gradually changing to meet with modern requirements, a rise in utilities to meet residential needs and social activities are discernible with a rise in hangouts like Koko Dome, and gardens for recreation. These are complemented by adequate security in public and private arenas.

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