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Oyo’s Serenity Makes it Ideal to find a House for Sale

Houses for Sale in Oyo Nigeria

Formerly the largest city in West Africa and the site of the region’s first television station, Nigeria’s third most populous state of Oyo continues to attract real estate development to its urban and semi-urban locations due to its suitability for residential activities. As the demand has increased, the quality of the houses for sale and for rent in the area has skyrocketed.

With a land mass of 28,454 sqm, and popular locations of Ibadan, Oyo and Ogbomoso, the South Western state is home to prominent brands such as Shoprite, Nigerian Breweries, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and the British American Tobacco company.

Oyo currently has an airport, tertiary universities, a supply of stadia and recreational options such as Mapo Hall and the Ibadan Zoo. The exceptional available leisure activities are definitely worth considering when looking for houses for sale in Oyo.

These have increased the residential units in a location with state and privately-owned estates featuring in prominent locations. Much of metropolitan Oyo can be found in Ibadan North which is home to several modern options for intending settlers and real estate investors. These locations for the affluent include Old and new Bodija which is synonymous with modern architecture in the forms of mansions, det

ached, semi-detached structures and duplexes.

A House for Sale in Oyo

Buying One of Oyo’s Excellent Houses is a Wise Decision

There are also bungalows available in Ibadan for a high amount of N300,000,000 in the Iyaganku area. Lower-priced options are available with an uncompleted bungalow of 3-bedrooms in the Odo-Ana Alewa Academy area available for N700,000.

A New Bodija duplex of 4-bedrooms is available for a high amount of N800,000,000 while lower options come in 4 units of 3-bedroom flats for N7,000,000 in the Challenge area of Ibadan. One of the most-developed towns in Oyo, Ibadan boasts a serene landscape. It is also a secure destination with private and public security outfits providing safety for its residents, an important factor to consider before buying property here.

Those seeking houses for sale and rent will also benefit from the ease of movement that has increased as old routes are being repaired. New routes have also sprung up as numbers within the former capital of the defunct western region increases. Ibadan has retail options in the Palms Shopping Mall and Cocoa House branches of Shoprite.

Traditional markets also dot prominent parts of the area with sundry items and perishables available for affordable prices. Apart from its popular cinemas in Dugbe and Challenge area, nightclubs are also a feature of the ancient city. These are complemented by the Mapo Hall and beautiful parks that are ideal for strolls and weekly jaunts.  

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