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Getting to Know Ogun’s Top Locations for Apartments

Apartments for Rent in Ogun State

Ogun is a peaceful and a quiet state away from the hustle and bustle to be found in more commercial states like Lagos. The population density of towns located within Ogun State is influenced by several factors such as: presence of higher education Institutions in the town, availability of factories or farms as well as the accessibility of commercial property and basic infrastructure. Some of the most popular and populous areas within the state include Abeokuta, the state capital, Ota, Sagamu, Mowe, Ibafo, Ijebu Ode etc.

Ogun state is fast developing into a commercial area. Sagamu for example has several hotels, hospitals and school and these have attracted residents and small scale businesses to the area. This has resulted in rapidly increasing both the supply and demand for apartments for rent and for sale in Ogun. Luxurious areas here include GRA and WAPCO.

Flats for Rent in Ogun State

Enjoy Excellent Quality of Life in One of Ogun’s Fantastic Flats

Abeokuta on the other hand, being the state capital, also has a lot of rental property for both residential and commercial purposes. The considerable level of security and peace in the place has even attracted residents from Lagos, often commuting to the metropolis for work but choosing to live in Ogun, perhaps in quiet house or an apartment for rent. Popular areas include Housing Estate, GRA and Iyana Mortuary. The tertiary educational institutions situated around Abeokuta have also contributed to the value appreciation of rental properties. Ogun state has the reputation of being one of the most secure in the country.

Mowe, which is very close to Lagos is another rapidly developing and growing place. The presence of Christian worship and campgrounds such as that of The Redeemed Christian Church of God has also attracted a lot of businesses along this axis. Also, congestion in Lagos has led to the availability of a lot of rental property and the consequent rise in value of property.

The state government has also embarked on several road repair and expansion projects which have opened the state to more commercial activities and the subsequent attraction of new migrants.

Prices of apartments in Ogun state vary, depending on many factors including proximity to a city, infrastructure and social amenities. You could get 7 units of 4 bedroom terraces off Michael Ogun/ Sobo Arobidu Street at N5, 000, 000 yearly while a clean self contained Apartment complex in Sagamu could go for N60,000 per annum.


Deal with a local and reputable agent.

Ensure proximity to basic services and availability of infrastructure.


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