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Abeokuta Offers the Best Land for Sale in Ogun State

Acre of Land to Buy in Abeokuta Nigeria

Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun, is one of the oldest towns in the state with a majority of the native indigenes being the Egba speaking people. It is peaceful city that is densely populated in areas like Panseke, Kolobo, Oluwo, Osiele. As the name implies, Abeokuta, which translates to ‘under a rock’ in English, is a rocky terrain. Its tourist attractions include the famous Olumo rock, Ogun River, Obasanjo farms and the Bilkis Osungbo shrine (which is claimed to be the resting place of the Queen of Sheba).

Abeokuta is renowned for being stalwart of Christianity and journalism, as well as becoming one of the best places to buy real estate in Nigeria. It is also home to the Federal University of Agriculture, which provides excellent education to the local populace. Some of the cultural attractions include the famous tie and dye works, locally known as adire, which date back to the town’s early days when indigenes used to grow their dye locally.

Abeokuta is a fast developing town with a lot of real estate potential, especially in light of its proximity to Lagos and developmental projects like major road constructions which are opening the town up to more developed and commercialized cities. Many of the natives are farmers so food is relatively cheap here, and the supply and demand for cheap land for sale is high.

Buying Plots of Land in Abeokuta is a Top Commercial Decision

It is a peaceful town that is relatively secure and economical with an affordable standard of living that affords residents the opportunity to save more and invest more. In recent years, there has been rapid growth in areas like Idi Mangoro, Obadaoko, Oluwo, Ogun, Panseke and Ibara which have witnessed an influx of property owners and renters.

A Plot of Land for Sale in Abeokuta Nigeria

There is a good road network, very affordable public transportation and basic infrastructure. Abeokuta has a thriving agricultural industry, with several farms that grow produce like palm produce, cassava, fruits, cassava and vegetables, and which export some of their produce.

Thus, beyond purchasing land for property development purposes, investors also buy land to use as farmland. Another factor which is a plus to private developers buying land Abeokuta is the availability of building materials within the state, what with the presence of places like the cement plant at Ewekoro (limestone is one of the natural resources in Ewekoro) and the Aro granite quarries.

Compared to neighbouring Lagos state, prices of plots of land for sale in Abeokuta are very reasonable. A parcel of land for sale close to Crescent University could go for around ₦ 100,000,000 while a 110 acre plot of land for sale in Sanusi Village would go for about ₦ 200,000.

 As much as possible, use certified agents and where it cannot be avoided, meet the land owners personally and do your independent research to avoid being duped.

Good Luck!

Prices Calculated in 2015

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