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Fertile Land for Agriculture and Development in Lagos Nigeria

Land for Sale in Lagos

Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria before Abuja was assigned The Federal Capital Territory, is at the forefront of Nigeria’s economy, with a significant portion of the nation’s commercial and financial organizations set up there. Lagos is home to a large number of the nation’s population and is the busiest state in Nigeria. Known by its slogan as ‘The Centre of Excellence’, it is the premier service hub in a country which has the biggest economy in Africa. Lagos is made up of the island, the mainland and the peninsula.

The island, which is made up of areas like Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekk, VGC, Ajah and others, is the business hub of Lagos with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the commercial banks are also located there.On the mainland, we have Ikeja which is the capital of Lagos state and which doubles as a commercial hub as well.

Lagos also has a lot of tourist attractions which include several beaches, the National Museum at Onikan, the National Theatre, a slave trade museum at Badagry, and several other fun, educative and entertainment spots. The late king of pop, Michael Jackson, is said to have his roots traced to Badagry in Lagos.

Plots for Sale in Lagos

Land the Perfect Plot for You!

In most parts of Lagos, there are no virgin lands available except in the outskirts like Ayobo (Ipaja), Ikorodu, Epe, Ajah and Badagry and these can be gotten at reasonable rates. Getting land for sale in Lagos developed areas  like Ikeja, Lagos Island, Surulere; places with good road networks, government presence and good security, is nearly impossible.

What obtains here is that investors buy and demolish existing structures to build properties of their choice. As a result, land for sale in these kind of places are very expensive compared to the suburbs. Even more expensive is land in exclusive and high profile places like Banana Island.

These places are carved out by the very rich people and as much as N350, 000 per Sqm. Thus, as more people can afford these places, the tendency is for the elite to look for another niche to carve for themselves. This is why we have a place like Eko Akete after Banana Island and Banana Island after the era of Park View. At Bourdillon, Ikoyi, 5,500 Sq,m of land would go for around 15, 000, 000, 000 while a plot of land for sale at Ota Ikosi can be gotten for N150, 000 per plot.

 These days, people get land not from the indigenes (Omo-onile), but mostly through brokers who locate the property for them. When the land is found, do a document/title search. Put in your letter of offer and meet with the seller’s representative (usually a lawyer), to conclude.

Good luck with your land search!

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