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Apartments in YabaAkoka

Yaba-Akoka has Top Education for Top People

Yaba-Akoka is a highly popular commercial and residential area. Yaba provides quick access to the Island and easy access to other parts of the Mainland. Apartments for rent are highly sought-after, especially by university students who want to be close to the numerous educational facilities. This makes life particularly easy for those who juggle their day jobs with university programs like a master’s degree.

Yaba-Akoka has many didactic institutions which include the University of Lagos (Akoka), Yaba College of Technology , Federal College of Education (Akoka), Queen’s College Yaba, and a satellite campus for University of Ibadan (Akoka). Because of the presence of these institutions, there are a lot of tutorial centres in Yaba/Akoka, offering fantastic “Further Education” programs for the local populace.

Yaba was a residential area during the colonial era so the area is properly planned and well-structured with good road networks, drainages and a railway line. Buildings come in different structures with some of them still retaining their colonial architecture. Yaba is a Tech Hub, with a lot of incubational activities going on for Tech entrepreneurs to build companies. Already, there are I.T hubs like the iDEA Hub and CC Hub, and most of the telecommunications companies have set up base here.

The availability of institutions like the Yaba College of Technology and University of Lagos in Akoka also provides these hubs with valuable graduates which help to further bring the tech world forward. The city has a lot of popular areas and neighbourhoods which provide different attractions to different people, and thus the demand for apartments for rent in Yaba/Akoka has risen exponentially.

Flats in Yaba

Where to Find Flats for Rent in Yaba-Akoka

Sabo: This neighborhood hosts an array of residential estates, an army barracks, an entertainment center (with a lounge, O-Zone Cinemas, nice boutiques and a retail store), an open market, and tech hubs.

Yaba Bustop: This has the popular Tejuoso Market which is arguably the biggest shopping complex in Nigeria. You can get almost anything, ranging from jewelry, foodstuff, fabrics and clothing items to household items. It also has a bus terminus and a railway line, a psychiatric hospital.

Alagomeji: Has a lot of banks, fast food eateries, and offices

Akoka: is home to the University of Lagos, University of Ibadan (satellite campus) and Federal College of Education. There are flexible accommodation options here because of students from the university whose options vary between self-contained flats, to multiple-bedroom apartments for rent.

Adekunle: Adekunle is largely residential and is the closest place in Yaba to the Island. Adekunle has a couple of estates, and the popular fishing community at Makoko.

Jibowu: This has a concentration of transportation companies with luxurious buses and vans that provide transportation to interstate travelers.

Generally, Yaba-Akoka is a commercially viable area and the prices of property vary according to location. You can get a 3 bedroom flat on Obayan Street in Akoka for N32m, while a 5 bedroom duplex can go for N90m

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