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Flats for Rent in Shomolu

Shomolu is the Best Place to Rent Flats in Lagos

Shomolu local government is one of the local governments in Lagos mainland, strategically located between Yaba local government and Bariga local government. It is a densely populated area that is largely populated by average to low income earners, situated in wonderfully modern flats for rent or sale.

Shomolu is an area with good road networks that connects easily to major bus stops like Bariga, Onipanu, Palmgrove, Akoka, Gbagada and even locations on the Island, through the Oworonshoki axis. There are good medical facilities in Shomolu and its environs which include a general hospital, health centres and private hospitals and pharmacies. Among these is the popular orthopaedic hospital at Igbobi.

There are open markets as well, such as the Bajulaiye and Alade markets. Although the area does not have big shopping malls in the likes of the Ikeja City Mall and the Palms shopping mall in Lekki, there are retail stores that are fast gaining popularity and one of such is Adide.

Apartments for Rent in Shomolu

Renting High-Quality Apartments for Fantastic Prices

Residents also have the option of going to bigger and more commercially-active markets like the Yaba, Tejuoso and Oyingbo markets. Besides the primary and secondary schools in Shomolu, its proximity to places like Akoka affords residents easy access to a wide range of educational facilities, among which are University of Lagos, Yaba College of Technology, College of Education and some of the oldest.

There are also good quality secondary schools in Lagos like Queen’s College, St. Finbarrs College and CMS Grammar school. In addition to this, because of the concentration of educational institutions, there are a lot of tutorial centres for people searching for admission into tertiary institutions.

Most of the rental apartments in Shomolu are storey buildings with flats for rent and bungalows that offer self-contained options. Because of the declining condition of some of the structures there, many property owners lease out their property for commercial use.

Most of these are flats rented by people in the print business industry. Apartments in Shomolu are not too pricey and they vary according to accessibility, location and structure. Unique 3 bedroom flats for rent at Palmgrove Estate could be rented at N3, 500, 000 per annum. You can also get a 1 room apartment at Fadeyi for N48, 000 per annum.

Whatever the apartment type you may be looking, go through a trusted agent and through proper channels. Also endeavour to inspect the property personally before you make any financial commitments.

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