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Land for Sale in Ikorodu

Land for Sale in Ikorodu Offers Unique Benefits

Ikorodu Town is a notable location situated in the Ikorodu Local Government area of Lagos. Known for a high population density due to the affordability of its real estate, Ikorodu, as it is popularly called also features a supply of land for sale in Lagos that is suitable for farming and residential development.

This has ensured its transformation from a trading outpost to one with increasing development potential. The landscape, which lies close to the Ogun River is replete with residential, commercial and agricultural units. These are on the increase as Ikorodu enjoys detachment from the hustle and bustle of other Lagos neighbourhoods.

By road, Ikorodu is accessible via the Ewekoro route linking it to Ogun State or the Ikorodu Road in Lagos, which ends at Ojuelegba with options to continue to CMS and other routes. Ikorodu’s proximity to the popular Ogun River allows water transportation for its residents going to prominent parts of the Lagos metropolis while its water resources are also an irrigation mechanism for the numerous farmers in the notable location, and fishermen who form a prominent population.

Plots for Sale in Ikorodu

Buying Plots in Lagos’ New Hotpot

There are four acres of farm land for sale at Idi Iroko area going for a high amount of N1,600,000,000, while lower-priced plots of cheap land for sale are available in Moriah Park Estate for N50,000.

Intending buyers will benefit from Ikorodu’s security and serenity as it features private and public security outfits within a semi-verdant setting. The suitability of its land for sale has also attracted development with housing units dotting prominent locations. This has driven development in Ikorodu, opening up the area to the wave of urbanization synonymous with most Lagos neighbourhoods.

Ikorodu is also close to Ojota, Oregun, Magodo and Maryland. These highbrow locations feature well-developed commercial and retail outlets. There are also social options as these areas boast nightclubs and cinemas that witness heavy footfall during the days of the week. Ikorodu’s proximity to the Ikeja CBD, home to Ikeja City Mall and the high streets of Ikeja GRA (Government Reserve Area) and Allen Avenue make it a suitable location for land purchase and subsequent development.

Transport to Ikorodu is also readily accessible as it lies close to the headquarters of the BRT transport service, with bus routes increasing daily. All these make an Ikorodu purchase risk-free.

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