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Apartments for Sale in Ikorodu

Ikorodu’s Apartments are Fantastically Priced and Strategically Located

Ikorodu is one of the largest and oldest local government areas in Lagos state. Located at the extreme end of the Lagos land mass, it has well-finished and very affordable apartments for sale. The availability of large tracts of land facilitates the development of estates, a fact attested to by the presence of several Lagos State residential schemes in its boundary, which it shares with parts of Ogun State.

Ikorodu is fast becoming industrialized and boasts of a flour plant, saw mills and fish farms. It also has a popular building materials market with customers coming from different parts of Lagos state to purchase buy sand, wood, building blocks and other building materials.

Flats for Sale in Ikorodu

Why Buying is Better than Renting

Ikorodu’s real estate potential has not been fully explored, and with the available tracts of land, the opening up of its roads network, the waterways and the plans for a fourth mainland bridge that will connect it to Epe, Ikorodu has a bright real estate future ahead of it. As a result, apartments for sale in Ikorodu represent a financial opportunity, normally only found in premium locations such as Lekki and Victoria Island, for a fraction of the price!

Flats for Sale in Ikorodu

As a result, investing in an Ikorodu property, such as an apartment for sale, is bound to yield good returns in the not too distant future. The Fourth Mainland link bridge to Epe and the ferry services to Ajah, will translate to rapid industrialization that will ensure Ikorodu is opened up to more developmental activities, and the community would benefit from access to places like the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

Currently, Ikorodu is arbitrarily developed but there are housing estates as well as low to average income neighbourhoods. Also, there are several educational facilities ranging from elementary to tertiary and vocational institututions. There are banks, police stations and a good public transportation system. Prices of apartments for sale in Ikorodu vary according to accessibility and location. You could get 6 units of bedroom flats on Ikorodu road at N500, 000, 000 while 2 units of mini flats in Liadi town would go for around N72, 000 only.

Try to buy from trusted sources which could be agents of good repute or established agencies. Endeavour to get a certificate of occupancy or any other relevant documentation.Try to ensure the availability of good roads and easy access to and from your eventual residential choice.

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