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Apartments for Rent in Ikorodu

Apartments for Rent in Ikorodu Offer Every Affordable Luxury

Ikorodu is one of the five major divisions in Lagos. It is a growing commercial area which is still, for the most part residential. Ikorodu is home to several educational institutions amongst which are primary schools, secondary schools, vocational institutions and the Lagos State Polytechnic. There are also several plazas and retail shops in Ikorodu.

Besides its vastness, the area is densely populated and home to a large percentage of the Lagos working class, which is attributable to the fact that compared to other parts of Lagos state, prices for property and accommodation, such as apartments for rent in Ikorodu, are very affordable. The efficacious road and waterways system also contribute to this.

There is easy access to other parts of Lagos and inter-state travel via road transportation and there’s also a ferry service that caters to residents, shuttling to and from Ikorodu. Against the backdrop of accessibility to other places, Ikorodu is also a good option for residential mass housing, providing housing units such as apartments for rent for workers as well as employers.

Flats for Rent in Ikorodu

Flats for Rent in Ikorodu

Ikorodu’s Apartments are Fantastic Value for Money

There is also good water supply and most of the Apartment blocks have personal wells or boreholes. There are housing estates and regular neighborhoods with prices for housing varying according to structure, location and available infrastructure. Most of the Apartments situated within estates are the more expensive areas. Besides the exclusivity of some of these estates in Ikorodu, people also prefer to live off major roads in gated areas that provide easy access and commute options.

Most rental properties vary between mini flats, to self contained apartments for rent. Thus, you could get a 3 bedroom flat for rent at Oreyo Igbe for an annual fee of N7m, while a self-contained apartment at Elepe could go for N50, 000. When it comes to renting apartments in Ikorodu, there are several factors to take into consideration. Most of the houses are contracted to agents, so it is advisable to have an agent of your own, who in turn will liase with the local Ikorodu agents on your behalf.

It is always good to ensure proximity to the major roads, which in turn ensures access to basic services like banks, businesses and organizations. Also, despite the counter regulation by Lagos state, some leasers still demand two years upfront payment for property.

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