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Land for Sale in Badagry

Badagry/Ijanikin has Plenty of Premium Plots for Sale

A coastal community located between urban Lagos and Benin Republic, the Badagry area of Lagos is also a local government under the administration of the Lagos State government. Currently a popular border town, Badagry used to be a major port for the movement of people and goods by sea decades ago, but is steadily becoming as popular as Ajah, Lekki and Victoria Island.

Founded in 1425 A.D, the area was also home to the start of British education in Nigeria as the first primary school was built there. Badagry is also home to the first storey building in Nigeria and a defunct Vlekete Slave market which are currently tourist attractions.

It is currently a haven of cultural and historical significance and one of the major routes for the upcoming Light Rail system. The modern infrastructure will join the ancient town’s tourist attractions such as the popular Badagry beach and Brazilian Slave Baracoon. Ijanikin is also located on the same road axis with its notable landmarks being the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education and the Federal Government College almost opposite it.

Plots for Sale in Badargy

Land for Sale in Badagry has Never Been Better

Both communities boast a supply of land for sale that is ideal for real estate investment or developments. In Badagry, there are 347, 370 acres of land for sale at N2,840,000,000. Lower-priced options are available in Okoafo with plots of around N250,000 for prospective land developers.

With the tourist activity around Badagry, there is substantial real estate development in the vicinity. This has been matched with a retail and commercial supply chain. The scenario is similar in Ijanikin, as the tertiary institution’s presence has increased demand for quality accommodation and well-finished areas of land for sale in order to erect student hostels.

Both locations are linked by the Mile 2-Badagry expressway which is currently being expanded to larger highway replete with light rail stops. Upon completion, it will move passengers and goods from Iganmu and Iddo Marina to the Badagry axis of the metropolis faster than road transport.

Apart from the current and developing road networks, that link Badagry to other areas of Lagos metropolis, it is accessible by water transport with stops in the Mile 2 area. Mile 2 is close to FESTAC, a major neighbourhood for leisure and retail. FESTAC is home to the Festive Mall which has a cinema. Interconnectivity to other areas of Lagos is also available in Badagry/ Ijankin, and a land purchase is a viable investment.

Their proximity to Douala (Cameroun) and Cotonou (Benin Republic) will also benefit those interested in inter-country travel to these locations, meaning that land for sale in Badagry is exceptionally well located.

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