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Land for Sale in Ajah

Land for Sale in Ajah as Nigeria’s Wisest Property Investment

As a fast rising community, situated very close to the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Ajah is a rapidly developing area with an unprecedented level of residential and commercial property being built. This impressive influx in real estate has been necessitated by the exponential increase in demand for property and land for sale in this highly sought-after area. Indeed, once several proposed projects such as the Dangote refinery, a cargo airport and sea port are completed, the price of property in Ajah is guaranteed to appreciate even further. Furthermore, with companies such as Toyota also moving to the area, the level of employment is sure to reach an equally high level, especially in areas like VGC and Sangotedo.

Ajah is a relatively secure area with a police manning every entry into the neighbourhood. There are many estates such as Victoria Garden City (V.G.C.), Ikota, Abraham Adesanya Estate and Badore, which are fortified with state of the art security systems. Unlike roads in other areas of Lagos, most roads in these estates have interlocked paving stones which last longer than the regular tarred roads and won’t deteriorate into pot holes.

There’s good public transportation system which consists of buses and motorcycles and enables you to reach every area of the City easily from the location of your property. The easily accessible public transportation makes land for sale in Ajah particularly valuable, as reaching the city center or outskirts is simple and quick.

Plots of Land in Ajah

Many Excellent Reasons to Settle for Land for Sale in Ajah

Because of the development in Ajah, and the fact that there are properties which are affordable for average income earners, Ajah has undergone a huge increase in its population, with many young people flocking to the area in order to start a family. Of course, this has led to significant appreciation of the prices of property in Ajah! For instance, a piece of land for sale that was valued at N10M three years ago, is valued at N25m today, and is expected to cost at least N30m by 1017.

Prices of properties for sale are also dependent on structure type and the location. Plots of land for sale in ajah, at Abraham Adesanya Estate, Badore can be bought for N1m, while a 6 bedroom detached duplex at Badore, Ajah can be purchased at N100m.


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