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Houses for Sale in Ajah

Ajah Homeowners Have Never Been Happier!

Ajah is situated after Lekki and before Epe in Lagos state. It has a mix of low to high income earners as residents, with an influx of residents, property owners and developers in recent years. Ajah is rapidly developing, with many houses for sale popping up, and it is a relatively flat terrain with residents enjoying stable electricity, good access roads, open markets, schools, and shopping complexes.

Buying a house in Lagos either for personal occupation or for investment purposes in Ajah is good investment. Due to the fact that it is along the Lekki corridor and relatively lower in price compared to Lekki, a prestigious area in Lagos with really expensive real estate properties.

More investors are opting for Ajah especially because of its proximity to Lekki, Ikoyi and the business hubs of Victoria Island and Lagos Island, and also because Ajah property prices are lower in cost compared to these places. When you want to buy a house in Ajah, although there are different options available, try to make sure it is within an estate.

Houses within the estates are relatively more secure than those outside estates. One can also benefit from the organized nature of those estates as long as they are not close to slums.

House for Sale in Ajah

Brilliant Prices for Fantastic Houses for Sale in Ajah

To this effect, there are several estates in Ajah. These estates are either government-owned or owned by private companies, developers or individuals. They include Crown Estate, Abraham Adesanya Estate, Marshy Hill Estate, Atkins, Thomas estate, Cooperative Villas etc.

Housing options include terraced homes, duplexes, mansions, bungalows and block of flats. People who have families and who are interested in houses in Ajah usually go more for terraced houses and duplexes. Those who are buying houses in Ajah because of proximity to their places of work, on the other hand, go for flats and smaller spaces.

Prices of houses for sale in Ajah vary according to owner and management. You can get a tastefully finished and furnished 3 bedroom bungalow at N450, 000 while an exquisitely finished 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms terraced bungalow in Grand Lake can be bought for around N7, 950, 000.


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