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Houses for Rent in Ajah

Ajah is Becoming an Investor’s Paradise

Situated close to Lekki, Ajah is also a developing area and is showing perhaps, even more, promise than Lekki when it comes to real estate and high standards of quality of life. It is fast growing in terms of population and development. Additionally, it has the advantage of proximity to Victoria Garden City, Lekki, the Free Trade Zone, several highbrow estates, and of course, relatively close to the commercial hub of Victoria Island and Lagos Island as well, making it some of the best real estate in Nigeria.

Residents are mainly middle class to upper middle class, who choose to buy a property outright or search for houses for rent in Ajah. Most of the expensive properties in Ajah are situated around neighborhoods like Ado road, Badore and Cooperative Villas. Beyond Ajah, there are new developing settlements which defer to Ajah as the main hub.

Houses for Rent in Ajah are the Hottest Properties in Lagos

There are good road networks as well as a satisfactory supply of electricity and water. Most of the houses for rent here are located in estates such as Thomas Estate, Unity Estate, Palm Estate, Kays Court, and several others. There are lots of schools for varying prices catering to residents of all backgrounds as well as good private hospitals, which ensure the health of the local populace.

House for Rent in Ajah

House for Rent in Ajah

Ajah is also very secure. Although the prices of houses for rent in Ajah are steadily appreciating, the cost here is still considerably more affordable than in areas like Lekki and Victoria Island, meaning that Ajah is the perfect place to chose one of the fantastic Lagos homes. Ajah is a place of dynamic change and a great opportunity with building and businesses springing up, offering countless possibilities for investors and small scale businesses.

The Lagos Business School is also situated here. The estates around Ajah have good security and most of them bill residents for service charges. These service charges save residents the trouble of having to deal with infrastructural failures such as erratic power and water supply, or noisy generators, as these are handled by the property managers. The roads are good and the massive developmental projects and government’s interest in the area makes it very viable for investors.

You could get brand new, superbly furnished 4 bedroom houses for rent in Ajah, Graceland Estate for an annual rate of N2,300,000, while a 2 bedroom bungalow in Allied Garden Estate would only go for N450,000 yearly.


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