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Houses for Sale in Agege

Agege Is Becoming the Place to Be for Real Estate in Lagos

A popular suburb in the Ikeja area of Lagos, Agege Local government or Agege as it is usually called is home to a high supply of diverse architecture on account of its population of close to half a million people. These increasing numbers are attributed to Agege’s proximity and accessibility to various parts of the Lagos metropolis, resulting in a plethora of houses for sale entering the real estate market.

Situated in-between Ikeja and Ogba areas of Lagos, Agege has Mushin and Abeokuta lying to its east and west respectively. Apart from its suitability for residential and commercial activity, Agege is also a thoroughfare with its arterial roads network and a railway station that ferries residents from Ogun State to Lagos locations, and other parts of the Nigeria. These are important factors when considering houses for sale in Agege, as they influence the appreciation of value of your property.

By road, Agege also enjoys proximity to areas such as Iju, Ifako Ijaiye, Ogba, Ikeja, Ojodu and Ikeja environs. Apart from enjoying access to these parts of Lagos, prospective residents will also benefit from an array of Agege architecture that has witnessed strategic improvements aimed at catering for the area’s yearly population increase. These include state-owned estates, and private establishments like the Williams and County Estates.

House for Sale in Agege

Houses for Sale are Agege’s Hottest Properties

Houses for Sale are Agege’s Hottest Properties

Four bedroom houses for sale in Agege can be bought for around N50,000,000. There are also duplex options with a five-bedroom unit in Michael Alade Street going for a high of N500,000,000. Lower-priced options exist in the Iju Ishaga axis with a 5-bedroom flat composed of a three-bedroom unit going for N20,000,000.

Electricity supply in Agege is relatively steady while security is provided by the police and private establishments. Agege also enjoys an above-average supply of utilities and a road network that is being widened to cater for increasing traffic.

Its proximity to Ikeja ensures access to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport and its domestic wing, the Allen Avenue high street and Ikeja cinema that has become a popular location for Agege residents following the conversion of the Agege-based Pen Cinema to other purposes.

Popular locations in Agege include AJ’s Bistro & Lounge, TFC and Noble Hotel. Prospective residents will also enjoy its closeness to markets such as Ashade and the Sunday Market in Ogba, to mention a few.

Agege is ideal for your housing needs!
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