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Houses for Sale in Ikorodu

Ikorodu is the Perfect Place to Settle

Ikorodu is one of the largest local government areas in Lagos. It is a growing commercial centre which has over the years, attracted a large number of property buyers and developers. This is due to the fact that it is one of the rare places in Lagos where properties are relatively cheap and easy to develop.

Despite being densely populated it is more spacious than central Lagos, and there is good ventilation. There is also a good transportation system which covers road travel and ferry services. Presently, there is a major road expansion project which would soon be completed and which would vastly improve the already efficacious transportation system.

Furthermore, these improvements would further open up the town to more investors, appreciating the value of a house for sale in Ikorodu greatly. Aside from this, Ikorodu provides excellent infrastructure to other parts of Lagos, such as Lekki, Ijebu or Surulere, as well as locations further afield such as Ibadan, through the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

House for Sale in Ikorodu

Investment Goldmine – House for Sale in Ikorodu

Ikorodu is a safe and secure environment, with security provided by the local police as well as the community. There are lots of industries springing up around area, such as Dangote Pasta and Hypo, providing employment opportunities for those searching for property and a house for sale in Ikorodu. It is also the largest farm settlement in Lagos for fishing, adding to the attractiveness of these Lagos homes.

The real estate market in Ikorodu has a great amount of untapped potential which those looking for an apartment for rent or a house for sale, can easily exploit. This is because property in the area, unlike most real estate in Nigeria, is not yet saturated and people are still buying property at cheap prices and selling them for a profit. The growth potential is encouraging and it is one of the viable locations in Lagos where you can invest with little and get good returns for your money.

With regards to investment, mini flats and two bedroom houses are fast selling and are highly profitable. Also, for developers and investors who are hoping to build houses for sale in Ikorodu, there is the advantage of available cheap labour. It is also commercially viable with regards to building materials such as timber. Prices for Ikorodu houses for sale are largely dependent on location and structure type.

Major sellers in Ikorodu are private owners, real estate companies, staff cooperatives, and government estates. You can get a 4 bedroom bungalow at Agric for N18M, while 5 bedroom duplex in Igbo-Olowu estate would go for about N55M.


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