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Flats for Sale in Lagos

The former capital of Nigeria comprises two main constituencies: Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island. A vast majority of Lagos’s 21million residents live on the Mainland, but Lagos Island has plenty to offer as well. Perhaps most importantly, it is the location of the central business district, as well as some of the most notable wholesale marketplaces in Nigeria. Great examples are the renowned Balogun and Idumota markets, which offer a fantastic array of produce from a plethora of countries.

Lagos Mainland on the other hand, is the home of culture, music and vibrant nightlife. Of particular note in this regard are Yaba and Surulere, where several fantastic nightclubs and bars can be found, such as De Chill’s Hind Restaurant and Bar, and Iya Oyo’s Beer Parlor.

As Nigeria’s economic focal point, Lagos, and particularly Lagos Island, are crucial for the economic success of the region. Lagos Island is where most of the country’s financial institutions, major corporations and commercial banks are situated, giving it a key role in Nigeria’s continued financial ascendance. For local residents this means that the prices of apartments for sale are constantly appreciating, so buying a flat is a common and lucrative property investment.

Thus, Lagos is the greatest place to be in Africa right now. Thriving Marketplaces, buzzing Nightclubs, and lucrative banks offer fantastic employment opportunities for those wishing to settle down here and start a family.

Furthermore, the educational facilities available for secondary and tertiary schooling are exceptional. The University of Lagos, the Pan-African University and the National Open University of Nigeria are only some of the vast number of prestigious facilities catering to prospective students living in Lagos.

Apartments for Sale in Lagos

Fall for Fantastic Apartments for sale in Lagos Nigeria

As the second fastest growing city in Africa, the demand for property for sale in Lagos has sky-rocketed! Houses, Land and Flats for sale and for rent are more sought-after than ever, with the latter in particular experiencing a renaissance. So why are Apartments becoming so popular? The answer is a combination of several factors.

Perhaps the most important reason is the affordability of apartments when compared to houses and other types of property. For example, an apartment for sale in Lagos can cost as little as ₦5,000,000, whereas a house usually costs upward of ₦65,000,000.

Therefore, Apartments represent a safer financial investment, as less capital is required to make the purchase. Another factor in the increasing demand is the constantly improving quality of flats being built. Whether it is the use of better construction material, such as concrete over sandcrete, the improvements in Roofing, or simply the increase in size, flats for sale in Lagos have reached a new level of quality.

Furthermore, the range of properties available has never been greater, catering to all wishes and budgets. Thus, the average price for an apartment for sale in Lagos here at Jumia House is only around ₦15,000,000.

Finally, it is important to consider the negative impact of inflation on rent prices, making apartments for sale in Lagos the best choice!

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