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Renting Houses & Apartments in Abuja is Becoming the Greatest Real Estate Choice in Nigeria

House for Rent Abuja

Abuja or FCT as it is popularly called is the capital city of Nigeria and one of the most developed locations in the country. This rising status of the city comes with a high supply of housing units supported by modern infrastructure and necessary utilities. As the seat of government, its development still retains much of the cities natural assets like Zuma Rock, making houses for rent and sale in Abuja are better situated than ever.

Split into the Central Areas and satellite towns, Abuja features choice architecture and the city currently has a cosmopolitan population co-existing with its indigenes. As the nation’s capital, this foreign contingent is the workforce for many global institutions currently doing business and lobbying within the region, ensuring a great source of employment for those seeking a house and apartments for rent in Abuja Nigeria.

Besides being the headquarters of many foreign organizations, Abuja is also suitable for commercial and as a tourist attraction in Nigeria. Its social side is visible in the many nightclubs and hot spots that have made Abuja nightlife a talking point. There are als cineomas in Silverbird Galleria and Ceddi Plaza, which show movies on a daily basis, and retail outlets such as Shoprite and Park & Shop.

Houses and Apartments for Rent in Abuja Nigeria Cater to All Budgets and Tastes

Areas such as Gwarinpa are popular for fusing residential and commercial activity, with its 3rd Avenue being an area of confluence for housing for rent and for sale as well as commercial properties. A 4 bedroom duplex and 2 bedroom bungalow in Gwarinpa Estate come at a high rate of 4,500,000 per annum. But with Abuja split into high and low priced areas, lower-priced options are available in Gidan Mangoro with 2 bedroom twin bungalows costing a yearly rent of N350,000.

Houses for Rent in Abuja Nigeria

Basic amenities are also synonymous with most housing units given the fickle tastes of house hunters and this has made fully furnished structures for rent. Fully-furnished 6 bedroom houses for rent in Abuja, Maitama usually cost a yearly rent of N20,000,000. In Arab Road, Kubwa, lower priced tastefully-furnished one bedroom apartments are available for a rent of N500,000 per annum. 

Apart from being serene, the region is also very secure and movement is pleasurable due to the easy connection across 30 locations on well finished roads, surely an important factor for those seeking to rent a house in Abuja. Its airport also has an international and commercial wing for air travel, ensuring that those looking for houses for rent in Abuja can be sure of easy commuting around the region, as well as around the world.

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