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Flats for Sale in Abuja

As one of the emerging cities in the world and the seat of the federal government, Abuja FCT consists of outlying suburbs and the central areas. These central areas include Garki, Wuse, Maitama and the Central Business District (CBD). The suburbs, on the other hand, include several places, particularly notable among which are Nyanya, Lugbe, and Jikwoyi. The central areas, with the addition of some of their neighbouring towns like Gwarinpa and Apo are the most developed in terms of infrastructure and layout, equaling locations like Ajah, Lekki and Ibadan.

Abuja is a rapidly growing place, both for commercial property, as well as for property such as flats for sale in Abuja or to rent, with the supply and demand for quality real estate increasing exponentially. Tourist attractions include the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Gallery, a zoo in Asokoro, recreational centres and parks such as Wonderland, the Jabi artificial lake, Zuma rock, Arts village and several others. Abuja is also home to the University of Abuja, an internationally renowned institutions which provides excellent education to all age groups.

Flat for Sale in Abuja

Apartments are the Hottest Properties for Sale in Abuja

Prices of apartments for sale in Abuja are to a large extent, a factor of infrastructure because the less sophisticated the infrastructure, the more affordable the property. Thus, developing areas usually provide more affordable housing, which is why there are regularly apartments for sale in areas like Maitama, and very few in Nyanya. Furthermore, Abuja contains a well-organized transportation system and there are good road networks, ensuring easy commuting for those with property in the Capital.

Opportunities abound in Abuja, as the ever increasing population creates room and the demand for a larger number of businesses to sustain the populace. Life in Abuja swings both ways with lots of opportunities for both skilled and unskilled persons.

There is a huge potential for real estate property in Abuja. Looking at precedents, it is especially wise to invest in an flats for sale with proximity to the central areas, because they influence the development of their immediate environment. Gwarinpa for example was largely forest neighborhood about ten years ago. Today, it is one of the largest residential estates in Africa. The same goes for places like Lugbe and Apo. Consequently, people who invested in houses, land or flats a couple of years ago have enjoyed huge profits. You can buy a 3 bedroom apartment in Nyanya for N75m while the same property would go for N160m in Gwarinpa and N450m in Wuse.


When buying apartments for sale in Abuja, consider buying from trusted agent and proper documentation

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