To be honest, there’s nothing quite as scary as coming to terms with the fact that you are now “of age” and need to start “adulting”. But the way our economy is set up these days, it seems almost impossible to even afford to think about it! The smarter option seems to be living  at home with your parents, and enjoying the perks of not paying rent is such a relief! But how do you know when it’s time to pack up and venture out on your own? We’re sharing 5 signs to let you know when it’s time to say bye bye to mummy and daddy! Keep reading to find out.



Yes, it’s a new year new you. But who says it can’t also be new year new home? As you prepare to start on a new note in your life, don’t neglect your home. The best way to get a fresh start is to start within, and that also includes your dwelling place. We’re dishing 5 easy ways to get a re-start on your home this new year without spending major cash ofcourse!

A Fresh Lick Of Paint Takes The Blues Away 

Give your home an instant facelift with a fresh lick of paint. From your exterior walls and fences, to the kitchen and bedroom. There’s a certain newness that comes with a freshly painted room.

Love Your garden

It’s harmattan season and this is the perfect time to start tidying up your garden. If you have the space, try planting a little vegetable patch. Your family will thank you.

Switch Up The Furniture

The quickest and cheapest way to give your home a new lease on life is by simply moving some furniture around. If you like, you can even get a mini work out while you’re at it. Try moving around some paintings and decor and change up the layout of furniture in each room.

Get Organised

Ever heard of spring cleaning? Here’s your chance at harmattan cleaning! Take some time to do a deep clean of the kitchen, your closets, possibly throw out or give out some old clothes or shoes to charity. Rearrange shelves and get a more organised house. You’ll be well on your way to a more structured and organised 2017.

Get A New Scheme

Colour scheme that is. Opt for a total overhaul on the colour scheme of your bedroom or living room. You could decide to change everything to a totally new colour, from bed linens, curtains to rugs.


How ever you decide to start your 2017, make sure you try one of our suggested options above and watch your home transform!

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