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Abuja’s Greatest Properties – Houses for Sale in Galadima

Built from scratch, Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja is synonymous with sustained planning, a large demand for infrastructure and houses for sale springing up everywhere. Since its building commenced in the 1980’s, it has evolved from being a purely administrative location to a city replete with commercial and recreational activity.

Abuja’s population figures have also grown, making it the fourth largest among other urban area in Nigeria like Lekki, Ajah, Ikeja and Ibadan. Like these other cities, it currently has an airport catering for local and international flights, an international–standard stadium and a diverse population working in multinational organizations that have made the FCT home for their corporate headquarters.

With the influx into Abuja’s central areas, comprising Phases 1-3 with over 30 districts, house hunters have now focused extensively on satellite towns and suburbs that are readily accessible and offer lower prices.

These include Abuja’s suburban districts of Nyanya, Karu, Gwagwalada and Kubwa.  Cluster settlements composed of Lube and Pyakassa are also popular locations for those seeking the finest Abuja properties and prefer daily shuttling to and from the business districts.     

The Perfect Houses for You

Many of the architectural offerings come in the form of detached and semi-detached houses for sale in Galadima. These display an attention to detail and supply of utilities that are the priority of prospective house hunters, and make them not only count among the best Abuja properties but also the best real estate in Nigeria. Unlike other areas, electricity supply in Abuja is constant while the security and roads network are top notch in Galadima and most properties for sale in abuja.

Located in the metropolitan axis, Galadima falls under Abuja’s Phase 3 area and a beautifully styled Mikasa Home in the Umar Musa Yar’Adua axis goes for N90m. Within the area, there are also three-bedroom bungalows within EFAB Estate, Life Camp going for N29m.

Purchasing houses for sale in Galadima is a worthy investment given the rising demand and value of Abuja properties. Over the years, much of Abuja’s architecture has displayed its suitability for business, commercial and recreational activity.

Beyond the purchase of an Abuja property, the Federal Capital City is a social hub boasting endless sights. Abuja has two cinemas in the metropolitan area, two Shoprite outlets and a Next mall open on a daily basis.

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