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Houses in Gwarinpa – Abuja's Greatest Properties

Houses in Gwarinpa

Gwarinpa is located in Abuja, along the Kubwa expressway. About fifteen years ago, Gwarinpa was not regarded as a town but as a newly developing settlement. Despite the good road network, street lights, and proper drainage system, if you lived in Gwarinpa back then, you were considered a low income earner.

There were challenges like no power supply or pipe-borne water. Despite what it was thought to be back then, the city had a lot of potential and today it is also the largest housing estate in Abuja. A largely commercial area, Gwarinpa has a large number of houses being leased out as shops, offices, and eateries.

Houses for Sale in Gwarinpa

Houses for Sale – The Wise Decision to Take

Today, Gwarinpa has evolved into a modern city and renting or buying houses here is considered a wise decision by most.

It started out as a Government Residential Area, but in recent years it has been taken over by private developers. Gwarinpa is divided into phases and is characterized by well laid out access roads, pipe-borne water, street lights, steady power and telecommunications network supply.  There are exquisite apartments and houses for sale which are very well built.

There are modern supermarkets, restaurants, lounges and many entertainment spots. It is a five minute drive away from Next Super Store, a large retail store that presently rivals Shoprite in Abuja.

Prices of houses for sale in Gwarinpa vary according to property type and proximity to the expressway. You can’t go wrong with buying houses in Gwarinpa, either commercially or residentially, because as an emerging city within a city, Gwarinpa is full of potential. You can get a four bedroom duplex with a 2 room Boys' Quarters for N78m, while a 3 Bedroom Bungalow with Boys' Quarters at Andikan Estate, Gwarinpa would sell for about N35m.

If you’re considering buying a house in Abuja, consider the availability of minor access roads and endeavour to get proper documentation for your house, inclusive of a C of O. If you’re renting, make sure you sign a formal agreement and be informed of your rights and entitlements as a tenant.

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