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Land in Abuja is Taking Off!

Land for Sale in Lugbe

Along both sides of the Gwagwalada expressway are several residential and housing estates, amongst which are Lugbe, Kyami, Pyakasa, Giri district, etc. Land along airport road axis is mostly owned by the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC).   It is largely residential and the available commercial organisations exist to serve residents.

 Although there are a lot of buildings belonging to low income earners, there are also nice housing estates with houses owned and developed by property owners varying from average to the upper class social strata. Government regulations permit mostly storey buildings in most of the more developed areas. In comparison to other parts of Abuja, things here are considered cheap, especially land.  Also, because it is close to central Abuja, the proximity factor is a determinant for many residents. Most of the commercial banks and leisure spots, as well as supermarkets are concentrated in Lugbe. The area is relatively secure with good road network. It is one of the closest and direct routes to the airport.

Land for Sale in Airport Road

The Best Abuja Properties – Land for Sale in Airport Road

 Land for Sale along this axis depends on the development of the area and proximity to the expressway. The area is fast developing one with lots of construction projects of houses and estates by individuals and private developers going on. One of these new housing estates is the proposed Woodcrest Ville estate to be situated at Giri district between Gwagwalada and the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport. The estate is fairly close to the Central Business District and the Centenary city.

Plots of land are already being sold to investors and private individuals. Prices of property vary based on proximity to the central town and the expressway. Usually the Abuja properties closer to the expressway are more developed so land for sale here is predictably more expensive, as opposed to those situated further inwards. It would cost no less than N160m to get 900sqm of land on Oduduwa Street, while a fenced plot of land at Nelson Cole estate would go for around N25m.


If you’re considering investing in landed property along airport road, do a research and ask the natives around about ownership to avoid future tussles or problems.

Also, go to the Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS), to check if it is a valid land and that it is not marked territory for a power line or proposed rail line.

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